Le Domaine de la Mandoune offers a selection of just 28, one, two and three bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 32 m2 to 106 m2.
Seen from the outside, the buildings call to mind a typical Southern French village, with small courtyards and alleyways viewed from the park. There is no standardisation and each apartment is unique. Each building uses the original 19th century features such as its beams, stones and uneven lines.
Inside, the rooms combine contemporary décor – metallic stairway, unvarnished wood, fair-faced concrete – with the nobility of the past – exposed stones and beams. The furnishings, either antique or selected from one of the well-known brands of interior decoration, tend towards original lines and refined, stylised forms. The interior design “seaside” theme is coloured with a palette of natural tones: mediterranean blue, red ochre, earthy colours and shades of beige.
The majority of the apartments have gardens, patios and/or balconies. They all feature fully equipped bathrooms and kitchens.
Price guide: Prices range from just €144,000 to €570,000

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