Le Domaine de la Mandoune stretches out over almost 45 hectares. Seen from the outside, the buildings call to mind a typical Southern French village, with small courtyards and alleyways viewed from the park. There is no standardisation and each apartment is unique.

A perfect retreat, where you can either enjoy listening to the slow ripples of the water breaking on the shore, reading a good book on your shaded terrace or just experience the relaxing environment of the pool.

The variety of the landscape is exceptional. In front of the property there is a park of 100-year-old trees featuring pines and other such Mediterranean trees. Alongside are vineyards, an olive grove, vegetable gardens and a range of bushes and grasses. Around the estate, shoreline vegetation extends out of sight – reed beds, wild orchids and sea daffodils. Everywhere, the scents of pines, sea, thyme and rosemary mix together in the air.

Le Domaine de La Mandoune will be the perfect place for taking that exceptionally good “breath of fresh air”.

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