Enjoying and experimenting with Andalucian cuisine is a fundamental part of your stay in Andalucia. What better than an alfresco lunch commencing with a chilled summer gazpacho soup. Freshly harvested Mediterranean fish and a salad dressed with the finest Olive Oil.

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most nutritionally healthy in the world. On the coast you will find the fish and seafood the traditional fare. Inland there is a tendency for ham sausage and game dishes not forgetting vegetable and meat stews.

Tapas are more than just snacks in Andalucia. The word means, literally a lid and the term was thought to have come from the habit of having a few nibbles with a drink and the necessity of placing a saucer or tapas on top of a glass to keep the flies out. In the old days tapas were served free with a drink, this happens only occasionally today.

Eating one or two tapas with a glass of sherry or wine will enhance the taste experience and also slow down the effect of the alcohol. You can eat tapas at just one bar, but it is more customary and fun to move from bar to bar sampling their various specialities.

Andalucia has a long history of winemaking and produces several interesting and taste-worthy products you’re sure to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for that special wine Made in Andalucia to spice up a special occassion or simply wish to learn more about southern Spanish wine, you’ve come to the right place.

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